Element Design is a Product Design Studio based in Vienna. Since 2002 we work with a variety of national and international clients in the areas of product, packaging and furniture design. Curiosity and passion are our impulse and accelerator. It is always our goal to find innovative solutions to create unique and coherent products - also in new fields.


Almdudler Gut Dornau Maresi Saeco
APC Interactive HSR Benelli Mäser Sagem
Bene Humanic Meckatzer Segafredo
Carpe Diem Industriellenvereinigung Meinl Schlumberger
Conelly Cocktails Kaffee Partner Merck Shoe4You
Darboven Kandisin Oliver Weber Strawberry
Decorartist Landhof PersonalMed Systems Teekanne
Deeply Madly Living Lasselsberger Philips Trauttmansdorff Wines
Forum Mozartplatz Leder und Schuh AG Pineapple Underberg
Geotec Liebherr Rauch Wellis Kft
Golf Club Enzesfeld Lohr Magirus Recheis Wirtschaftskammer Wien
Grizzly Gas LSG Skychefs Red Bull Zeon


2013 iF product design award, Winner, Germany
2008 red dot design award, Winner, Germany
2008 iF product design award in Gold, Winner, Germany
2007 Prize for Innovation Lower Austria, Commendation, Austria
2006 red dot design award, Winner, Germany
2006 Boesendorfer Design Award, Commendation, Austria
2006 Merck Kristall Award, Winner, Austria
2003 swiss star design prize, Winner, Switzerland
2003 Austrian National Prize for Packaging, „exemplary packaging“, Austria
2003 red dot design award, „best selection: office design“, Germany
2003 Adolf Loos Austrian National Prize, „design selected“, Austria
2002 red dot design award, Winner, Germany