Birkenstock - Legwear

Birkenstock stands for premium quality, natural and sustainable materials, high-end manufacturing and as the inventor of the famous Footbed for maximum wearing comfort. The goal of this project was a packaging design for the Birkenstock Legwear product range, which communicates exactly those brand assets and maximizes the functionality and innovation of packaging within this field. The special folding style of the natural cardboard as well as the reusable silicone band hold and protect the product without the use of extra thread and pins. The packaging is designed to hold various product sizes and types setting the focus on the products without compromising the tidiness and overview throughout the shelves. The color code of the silicone band and the hook indicate the gender - white for women and blue for men - as well as the clear graphic layout provide a structured yet exceptional and strong appearance.

IF Product Design Award 2017 - Winner

Potos: Robert Staudinger