Personal MedSystems - CardioSecur

CardioSecur pro & active are ECG-products for smart phone & tablet users. The accessory consists of a light ECG-cable with 4 elctrode heads. The design is simple and geometric with soft curves and silhouettes to ensure hygienic surfaces and comfort when applied to the skin. Connected to the smart phone it activates the CardioSecur ECG App. An integrated cap can be pulled along the cables to avoid the cables to tangle.

An electrocardiogramm (ECG) is essential to check the heart's health status. CardioSecur is the first 12-lead ECG for smart phones and tablets. Cardio Secur pro is designed for doctors who desire full flexibity and mobility. The system is easy to handle, small and compact and cater to today's possibilites of communication. Cardio Secur active is designed for patients. The intuitive handling for patients of all ages, aswell as the immediate feedback to action and direct communication with a cardiologist revolutionize ECG technology for the home use. The project scope included the accessory's product design, it's packaging aswell as the user interface design of the APPs.

IF Product Design Award 2013 - Winner

Photos: Hans Leitner

CardioSecur Basic Standalone Device