Rauch - Premium

"Appetite for fruit" is the brand message of the gastronomy juice bottle by Rauch. To set the focus on the fruitiness the shape of the transparent glass was designed to expose the unique shade of each of the 18 different juices as much as possible. The label positioned below the waist supports the colors of the flavors and enhances the "appetite appeal" of the juices. The brand identity of the the new bottle pursues a consequent strategy: The curved shape, providing the bottle with a clear and harmonious silhouette, derives from the "Rauch-Ellipse", the logo of the producers. The additional imprint of the logo on the visual focus of the bottle provides a haptic, physical experience.The bottle is complemented with a series of glasses that correspond with the bottle design.

Rauch Drinking Glass and Pitcher
Rauch Nativa PET Bottle